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A different way to travel with Europamundo Vacations

Europamundo Vacations introduces a new style of coach travel for South Africans to Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Middle East.  Offering a wide selection of 3-4 star coach tours with maximum flexibility, guaranteed departures and more inclusions. A different way to travel.

With an easy to use  and user friendly website, you will have no difficulty in finding the perfect tour!

The itineraries are amazing value since they have many inclusions, flexibility and every departure is 100% guaranteed. There is currently no product like this in our current travel market.

Due to the flexibility of options and circular nature of trips, you can start and/or end you trip at any point on the tour. Passengers select the most convenient dates, begin at the most suitable airport and continue on their travels for as long as they wish. Upon arrival, a private transfer enables guests to join the group.

You can also extend a stay in a particular city even if it is mid-tour, to return at a later time. If you wish to spend more time in a place, you can also add extra nights before or after the tour. This is all done and quoted in real time via the website.

Europamundo Vacations does not compel anyone to buy an entire tour.  You can book just the part of the tour you want, including a single day only. You have the possibility of joining any tour, at any time, and for whatever length of time. You can go on your own trip independently and include in it whichever part of the Europamundo Vacations tour you like best.

For more information, please refer to the website on https://www.europamundo.com/

About Europamundo Vacations

Europamundo is a company of the JTB group, the largest company of tourism and travel in Asia.

JTB was founded over 100 years ago and has always been characterized by searching for excellence in the travel industry.

“Perfect moments always” is their motto and their commitment.

Europamundo is one of the largest tour operators in the world. Affiliated to WTTC (The World Travel and Tourism Council). Europamundo is also the only coach tour operator company in the world affiliated to the UNWTO, a United Nations travel division agency.

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