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Travel agents are more relevant than ever before

Why travellers still need a travel agent.

Has online travel booking sites made “everyone their own personal travel agent these days,”?

It seems more and more people are turning back to travel agents due to two factors: lack of time and increased industry offerings.

Today’s parents are short on time between work, kids’ sporting events, homework, etc. It’s hard to find time to sit down and research all of the various travel options out there.

A personal touch holds weight

The personal assistance of a travel agent will always be what separates travel advisors from online booking sites. “The ever-changing travel market makes some of the information on the internet obsolete and just not relevant,” agents said.

The changing role of agent to advisor

“Yesterday’s agent is today’s advisor.  Agents are there for clients when a flight is cancelled or weather prevents them from getting to their destination. And using an advisor often results in saving money and getting special perks that can be arranged. Perhaps a person can be their own travel agent, but they can’t be their own travel advisor!”

Benefits abound

Travel agents have an arsenal of tools that makes “going it alone” seem archaic in this day and age. And as the proliferation of travel information on the internet expands on a daily basis, seeking the advice of a professional is more and more the norm.

Straight from the front line, it’s clear that travel agents know their worth and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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