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Lockdown is Homecation

Under this unprecedented time, we have been called to stay at home to keep ourselves and families safe. At first, it might have felt like everything has come to a halt. Our perspectives have changed, we actually love being home. It was hard to understand but now that all options have been removed, we have to find something to do within the constraints of our houses. With inspiration from Alyson for World Travel Family (Staycation Tips & What is Staycation?: 2020), we thought we would share some of our tips to make the most of travel at home.

Firstly, the main reason why we travel is to explore and learn about what is behind the four walls around our homes called the fence. When we travel, go on holiday or vacation we normally do what we enjoy (Alyson: 2020). Some of us travel to relax or pamper, why can’t we get a dose of that at home on our Homecation?

No packing is required and airport queues. So below you’ll find some lockdown and Homecation tips to help you stay happy and fulfilled at home.

Tips to make the most of your travel memories:

1.Storytelling time for the family

The rich memories you collected when you were travelling will be great to increase the imaginative and creative minds of the little ones. Gather them around the lounge and recreate the setting of the city in which you visited. Vividly walk them through the scenic views that you saw, the languages that you learnt. Fill their minds with the knowledge of the different cultures that you were so fortunate to encounter and experience.

2. Musical Festival

With every city, country there is a beat that runs deep in its people. There is a groove that you won’t find anywhere else. We are so fortunate to have the internet now, stream the songs that remind you of the particular place you travelled to and relive the fun and dance you had. Dress up if you must. Make this a memorable moment for you and your family.

3. Movie Time

We capture every moment to share them with our loved ones. Create a slideshow of the pictures and videos from the vacations that you have taken. This might even turn out to be a comedy show… Share those beautiful moments with them and rejoice over the beauty and of the wonder out there. Keep yourself in a good mood by walking down memory lane.

4. Wine and Dine

Fine dining and local cuisine is the core of any destination. There is a culture in the meals. Search up the recipes and prepare the meal for the family. Or even prepare them as a family. Our taste buds are can help us relive a moment. It is the best way to build a bond and have fun while at it. Don’t just have supper… Dine.

5. Camping Outside

This is the ultimate eco-friendly travel. Gather your camping equipment and head out to the back of the yard. Do some star-gazing activities, there is a lot of knowledge behind Orion’s belt and the Southern Cross. This will be a great time to also share family history and family folklore under the mesmerizing stars or even a campfire.

We hope you love the above-mentioned tips and will now look at this lockdown as some “us-time” or “family-time”. Stay safe and stay home. Most importantly, be present and fully engaged.

Travel has not been cancelled, just postponed.

Lots of Love, Serendipity Travel

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