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Safari Trip Tips

Are you planning a holiday to see the big 5 ? Here are a few things that you should  know about safari holidays.  Remember to research about the reserve you are going to visit, so that you have a full 101.

Safari Trip Tip#1: Protect Your Skin

Protect your delicate face and skin from the harsh African sun by wearing a broad-rimmed sun hat. Ensure you wear light, loose cotton clothing, covering your arms and legs as best as possible. Remember that closed shoes are a must. Natural colored clothing is recommended on Safaris.

Safari Trip Tip#2: Notice the small things

The long necked giraffes will amaze and astound you with their size. But, take a moment to peer down at the butterfly that just landed on your shoulder. How the colors camouflage with its surroundings, yet it stands out so beautifully. Smell the scent of the succulent plants that brush past you as the open-air bus takes you deeper into the wild. Game reserves are so much more than just the very visible animals.

Safari Trip Tip #3: Protect yourself

By this I mean in terms of insects and viruses. Always check out what vaccinations you may need to have before entering any country, as well as check what precautions you may need to take if coming from a country that falls in the yellow fever zone. However, winter is not so much a season to be worried about Malaria anyway. Sunblock is always a good idea, no matter what the weather.

Safari Trip Tip#4: Keep it down

Only the wild animals get the privilege of verbalizing as loud as they want. Not only should you be quiet for the sake of preserving noise pollution but also with a view to respecting your fellow travelers and Safari goers. Much can be missed if you’re bursting forth with loudness at inappropriate moments. Keep the tone low, and if at all possible, don’t say much at all. You’re there for the experience.

Safari Trip Tip#5 Keep the distance

It is tempting, when you are an arm’s length away from a gorgeous gazelle (which will happen rarely, mind you. They are timid creatures) to just reach out and touch the silky hide. Whatever you do on safari, please, please, don’t touch the wares. These animals may be used to many visitors, but they are not there to be touched. It can be quite dangerous. Even very fatal. A good suggestion is to invest in a set of binoculars. This way you can view up close without actually engaging with the wild life.

Most times it is apt to keep your head inside the vehicle at all times, as well as your limbs. Do not throw anything at the animals. Do not pick the vegetation. Not only for the reason of preservation and conservation, but because some plants are poisonous and can cause allergies and irritations. On a lighter note, because you did come to enjoy yourself on safari, take in everything. Enjoy the sights, the sounds, the entire experience and all the glory and wonder that game reserves have to offer.

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Safari Trip Tips

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