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The island not to miss Zanzibar

An island off the eastern coast of Africa, Zanzibar. A relaxing getaway where you joyfully lazy around and disconnect from life at home. Surrounded by a unique scenery filled with rich culture and history . The coastal city of Zanzibar City is growing in popularity because of  its crystal clear blue seas, architecture, and spices. Why wouldn’t it  be though because Zanzibar is full of accommodations that stimulate all of your senses.

Zanzibar City is the capital and largest city in Zanzibar. The archipelago of small and large islands off the coast of the mainland of Tanzania. From historic Stone Town, to palm-fringed beaches, top-of-the-line resorts, Zanzibar is a well-rounded trip worth your visit. Made up of two areas; Stone Town and Ng’ambo (Swahili for “The Other Side”), Stone Town has unique architecture and culture;  declaring it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ng’ambo which is a much larger and more modern area with the industrialized look.

A writer described Stone Town as: “a tropical forest where tall houses stretch to the sky instead of trees. The sun filters through a network of overhanging balconies instead of foliage. Its labyrinth of twisting streets and alleys is a stroller’s paradise, with new sights, sounds or smells to catch the imagination at every turn: massive carved doors, ancient walls, tiny tempting shops with colorful wares and bustling shoppers, old men hunched over a traditional game, kids with homemade toys, ghetto-blasters at full volume, little boys hawking cashews or postcards or fresh bread, the sound of the muezzin calling from the mosque and the scent of cloves or ginger or lemongrass – and everywhere the echoes of Zanzibar’s rich and fascinating history, the sultans, shipbuilders, explorers, slave markets, merchants and exotic spice trade.”

Zanzibar is one of the few locations in the world where you can truly unplug.. Whether you arestarting the day with a stroll on the warm beach and realizing all the footsteps on the golden sand are your own, or just sitting still in mystic meditation in any of the many secluded accommodations around the island, you can absolutely achieve the peace you’ve been seeking for  in Zanzibar. It is typical remote island vibes where you don’t anticipate connecting to Wi-Fi in every building you enter. And in this case, that’s a great thing because the whole idea of vacation is vacating the norm.

Speaking of rich culture and stored history. One should try not to miss the brightly coloured and warm Maasai Tribe. The Maasai tribe is prominent in both Tanzania and Kenya. Around Zanzibar you’ll get to visit, and hopefully connect with, this traditional nomadic tribe and learn about their unique lifestyle and traditions

Some sights to see in Stone Town are Old Fort, The House of Wonders, The Palace Museum, St Monica’s Hostel and the East African Slave Trade Exhibit, St Joseph’s Cathedral, Forodhani Gardens, and the long local market. Old Fort is especially interesting – alongside being a historical site, it serves as the town amphitheatre and craft shop.

Whether it’s an eat, pray, love solo trip to center yourself, a baecation to indulge in love, or a fun trip with friends, Zanzibar, is the place to go. Being so remote and tranquil, rich with culture, vibrant landscaping and seductive vibes will surely give you something to write home about.

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The island not to miss Zanzibar

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